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Your Stories, Your Voice...Literally

Your Stories, Your Voice...Literally.

We're hard at work compiling product videos for and we'd like to get you, the skier, involved in the process. Specifically, we're asking for audio-voice submissions that we can use in our product videos. The stories and experiences of DPS skiers inspire us and make us who we are. We'd be honored to receive your submissions.

Each person whose audio we use will receive a new release DPS t-shirt. And we'll reward our favorite submission with a Hybrid ski of their choice.  Below you'll find some questions to guide you. Answer what you want, speak how you want—the freedom is yours. Anyone with a smartphone or computer can pull this off. The deadline is November 10, 2010. The winner of the Hybrid will be announced on November 15th—with delivery on/before January 15th, 2011.

Guiding questions. Choose a question, or two, or three, invent your own, we just want to hear from you:

1. Briefly, if it's a good story, how did you first hear about DPS skis? If the story isn't too exciting, proceed to the next question.

2. If you have Pure carbon skis, and like them, please talk about the feel versus traditional skis you have skied? Power, weight, precision, stability, skinning, and so forth.

3. If you have Hybrid skis, what is it about the feel of the construction that you like?

4. Do you have a good story about the specific ski you own: a particular amazing run or day, or trip that got you really excited? In your answer, please mention the ski you are talking about by name i.e. Wailer 105, Lotus 120, etc.

5. Talk a bit about the specific ski that you own: What are the things that you like: flex pattern, feel, torsional stiffness, performance in a particular type of snow, the look, the aesthetic?

6. What does the brand mean to you?  If you identify with it, what kind of feeling, heritage, etc. does it evoke?

7. Any funny stories related to your skis?

8. Do you travel to ski? Where and why?

9. Which DPS skis do you own, and why do you love them?

10. What makes the DPS ski different from other skis you owned?

11. How has the DPS ski changed the way you ski or where you ski?

Audio Recording and Submission Details:

Most smartphones have a voice recorder or voice note-taking app or program. If you prefer to record your voice another method we will be happy to accept it as long as you are able to deliver an aiff, wav, mp3 or m4a file via email.

Instructions for recording sound using your mobile device:

1. Find a quiet place that does not have an echo (no bathrooms please, carpeted spaces help muffle sound and keep echoes to a minimum.  

2. Turn off all machinery that may be running nearby, including phone ringers. Make sure you’re somewhere with total silence.
3. Before answering all the questions only to find out that you are getting hard T's and your S's sound like a snake, try making a couple recordings holding the phone different ways from your mouth and listen to them to insure you have the best sound quality possible

4. Please answer all the questions by repeating the main point of the question back in your answer.
For example:

Ex. Briefly, if it's a good story, how did you first hear about DPS skis?

"I first heard about DPS skis when I was in Jackson Hole and was riding the chairlift next to a guy who had 138s.  We got to chatting and....
5. Once you have completed all the questions and you are happy with the quality, email the files as an attachment to as mp3, mp4, aiff, m4a. NO Window Media Player files please.

  • By submitting, you relinquish rights to DPS to possibly use your audio clip and your name/location. If you want to remain anonymous, let us know, and we'll only use your voice.
  • We will accept submissions until November 10, 2010.
  • The Hybrid winner will be announced on November 15th, with ski delivery on/before January 15th, 2010.

Thanks for your support!

-The DPS Crew-