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Why you should come to DPS Riders Weekend

We're starting to get a lot of interest in the upcoming DPS Riders Weekend. Here are some reasons why all you fence sitters need to pull the trigger and make this trip happen:

  • Double demo quiver of DPS Skis. The demotour crew will be there with their fleet and we'll also be bringing all of next year's skis including...
  • Wailer 112RP - this is a new ski for next year and it has been generating a ton of buzz.  There are currently only 3 pairs of RPs on planet earth...and they'll all be at Rider's Weekend for you to try.  
  • Discounted lodging - We've got the hookup so you can stay in fancy slopeside lodging for about the same price as the Hostel. E-mail ridersweekend@dpsskis.com for the details.
  • Meet the DPS Crew.  Did you know that DPS designers invented rocker? Meet the geniuses behind some of the most significant innovations in the industry. If you're lucky enough to sit next to Pete Turner at dinner ask him about designing the Spatula with Shane McConkey. If you're really lucky you might even be spinning some tram laps with this guy.   
  • Rumor has it some skis in the demotour fleet might be sold now that the tour is wrapping up.  We only sell those used skis to DPS family members but if you show up to Rider's Weekend we consider you family.


And...answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Yes, there will be Tele Demos and we are considering an embargo on jokes about tele skiing.  Embargo might even be enforced.
  • No, you don't need to currently ski DPS Skis to attend the festivities. If you've got ski boots you can rock DPS boards all weekend and nobody has to know about questionable gear choices from your past.  
  • No, you don't have to stay in our lodging to attend.  If you'd prefer to demonstrate your core-ness by sleeping in your truck we'll bring you some hot cocoa in the morning.

RSVP or ask more questions by e-mailing ridersweekend@dpsskis.com

Pictures of the Wailer 112 RP (I can attest this ski looks even better under your feet than it does in the showroom):

Wailer 112 RP Stats

Wailer 112 RP Tail

Wailer 112 RP Tip Splay