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Welcome to Dreamtime—the Shrewdest Time to Buy DPS

Dreamtime lets skiers purchase the coming season’s skis at the year’s only discount. Other exclusive Dreamtime offers include: rare Special Edition graphic skis, limited-run shaping creations from the Powderworks lab, and shipping, mounting, and gift specials. Dreamtime is conducted on dpsskis.com and at participating dealers worldwide. Act decisively during Dreamtime to ensure you get the ski you want. DPS-dreamtime-blog-2
  1. Utilize the only discount of the year on all 2014-15 skis: $150 off Pure3 skis, $100 off T2 skis, and $100 off Hybrid skis.
  2. Choose Special Edition graphics only available during Dreamtime.
  3. Shop limited-run shapes from the Powderworks laboratory. Note: Powderworks skis are not discounted for Dreamtime. 
  4. Take advantage of free binding mounts when you order skis and bindings.
  5. Secure the ski (s) you want before in-season sellout.
  6. Get free shipping worldwide if you buy skis + a DPS Rolling Quiver Ski Bag.
  7. Receive a free Dreamtime gift.
  8. Call DPS and get a detailed, custom ski fitting over the phone to ensure you get the perfect ski for you.
  9. When your skis arrive, you can admire them and dream. Take solace, you are one step closer to surfing pow, or shredding your home resort.
Note: skis ordered during Dreamtime will ship within 25 business days. Contact us for expedited delivery if you have a Southern Hemisphere trip.  Shop Rare Special Editions Every summer during Dreamtime we release a limited run of Pure3 construction skis—Special Editions (SE). Special Editions are one-time creations from the DPS Design Studio, and the ski art is never reproduced again. Due to limited runs and rarity factor, Special Edition sellout is common during Dreamtime. For Dreamtime 2014, we proudly offer three Special Editions in the Wailer 99Wailer 105, and Wailer 112RP.2. This year’s designs take inspiration from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, our dedicated customer based around the globe, and the playful nine-year DPS mantra of, ‘Global Domination’. DPS-dreamtime-blog-3 Shop Limited-Run Powderworks Skis DPS-dreamtime-blog-4 With DPS’ Utah Factory entering its second production year, we are proud to announce that a limited edition line of skunkworks skis dubbed Powderworks will be released during Dreamtime—and will be an ongoing arm of DPS. Powderworks skis offer a glimpse into DPS’ R+D lab, previewing special construction or shaping features that may be incorporated into larger production runs in the future. Shop limited run Powderworks skis during Dreamtime while inventory lasts. Note: Powderworks skis are not discounted for Dreamtime.  Shop the Complete 2014-2015 Quiver DPS-dreamtime-blog-5 The complete 2014-15 quiver is available to purchase during Dreamtime. Besides the only discount of the year on all shapes and constructions—and related shipping and mounting specials—shopping during Dreamtime assures you get the ski you want before in-season sellout, a frustrating scenario. Act decisively during Dreamtime to get the perfect ski for you. T2 Construction Debuts in Select Shapes DPS-dreamtime-blog-6 For 2014-15, we’re proud to announce that a third construction enters the mix, mating elements of DPS’ existing award-winning shaping, design, and technology in a freshly minted metal laminate construction. Hybrid T2 construction is DPS’ new proprietary blend of Titanal, glass, and carbon. In its inaugural year, Hybrid T2 will debut in the updated mixed snow/all-around Wailer 105 shape (185cm and 178cm) and the frontside/all-mountain Cassiar 85 (178cm and 168cm). A skier can now choose between three distinct lines, with specific benefits and feels, all catered to personal preferences: Pure 3Hybrid, and now Hybrid T2. Learn more about newly released T2 construction here. Take Advantage of Binding Mounting Services DPS-dreamtime-blog-7 Binding mounting has arrived when buying direct on dpsskis.com. Find the skis you want, add bindings, and we’ll ship your skis mounted (mounting fees apply). For Dreamtime, all binding mountings will receive free shipping to North America. Let us do the work: you’ll save money and hassle. Available Dreamtime Bindings:
  • Look Pivot 14 and 18
  • Look SPx 12
  • Salomon STH2
  • Dynafit Radical FT and ST
  • Dynafit Beast 14
  • 22 Designs AXL and Vice
Dreamtime Custom Ski Fittings DPS-dreamtime-blog-8 In the lead-up to Dreamtime, get a personalized ski fitting over the phone from our ski fitting experts. Knowing exactly which ski (s) is right for you will ensure you can act decisively when Dreamtime starts to ensure you get the ski you want, as skis sellout quickly during Dreamtime. For a custom ski fitting call us at 1-801-413-1737 Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM MDT. How to Place a Dreamtime Order? On dpssskis.com, or over the phone: During Dreamtime you can purchase direct from dpsskis.com, or by calling 1-801-413-1737, Monday-Friday, 8 AM-6 PM MDT. You may also email us at info@dpsskis.com. For fastest service, please call. Ordering from participating Dreamtime dealers Participating Dreamtime dealers represent an assortment of the world’s finest shops. Ordering from a dealer in your area is easy. Simply call them and place your Dreamtime order over the phone, or visit them in person to place your order. A list of participating Dreamtime dealers can be found here. DPS-dreamtime-blog-9 We thank you for participating in Dreamtime. We are here to help with any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Best regards, The DPS Crew