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Wailer RPC - Elevation Outdoors Peak Award

Elevation Outdoors recently named DPS’ Wailer RPC one of the first recipients of a Peak Gear Award. The magazine asked their top contributors, “What was the best gear you used over the past year? What gear can’t you live without? What gear changed your life?...” The results were listed in their awards as essential equipment that rose to the top of their gear-geek list. Here’s what Elevation Outdoors had to say about the Wailer RPC, and be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine.  Why It Won: This ski absolutely floats in powder and held its own in the resort, even in bumps. It made ripping bottomless lines a pure joy but wasn’t thrown off by slop. No other carbon ski has guts like this—we were quite frankly shocked that such a light ski could be so aggressive instead of flimsy, especially when our 200-pound editors and contributors were giving it hell. Where We Took It: Whistler and the British Columbia backcountry, Telluride and hike-to steeps on Palmyra Peak, Vail, Berthoud Pass, Eldora, Powder Addiction Cat Skiing.