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Wailer RPC - Earlyups Test Sessions

Last season Earlyups launched into the game of organized gear tests. The Earlyups Test Sessions assembled a crew of Jackson skiers and tested a number of 'do-everything skis', calling it a "one-ski-quiver throwdown." DPS' Wailer 105 and Wailer RPC were a part of the test. With regards to the Wailer RPC, the verdict was: "in most conditions it’s an absolute blast... its strength is in its ability to not really let you down no matter what is going on…There may be better skis in every category but there isn’t a more well balanced 'lightweight' ski in this here test…" Next week, we'll release info on the Wailer 105's results. To read the full Wailer RPC review, click here. Shop the Wailer RPC, and our complete 14/15 quiver on dpsskis.com today, or at dealers worldwide.