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Update from Colorado

Being that Colorado has been quite dry and warm over the past several weeks, I figured it was time to post up some photos from the year thus far.


The early portion of the season was phenomenal with storm after storm bringing the goods.  We've spent several days up on Vail Pass exploring new zones.  With the recent warming trend, I've also been able to take advantage and get into some areas that generally have to wait until late Spring.


A few shots of putting the 120s and 138s to the test...










Photos: D. Bourassa & B. Fanti

I'd be remiss if I failed to mention how stoked I am on the new 120s.  I mounted my older pair of '07 120s with BD01s and am loving them as a tele set up and the new red 120s are set up with Dukes and simply kill it.  The original 120 was basically the ideal ski in my eyes, but with the tweaks to the new pair, Stephan and the DPS crew continue to evolve the line-up to new levels of perfection.  That said, after spending countless days on first and second generation 138s, I can't wait to get a chance to try out some of the rocker III's.
All in all an enjoyable season so far, but the warm weather is a bit early.  Hopefully March is good to us.
Pray for snow.