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Update: DemoTour (rain & shine)

Though the weather tried its best to bury us, we still maintain that there is no such thing as too much snow.  And though the cycle finished out with quite a bit of rain, it was really only at low elevations.  So when the sun finally came out, there was plenty of good snow left to tackle the newly filled in lines.  We finished off our demos at Alpine Meadows and Squaw, and wound up with a beautiful sunny day at Sugar Bowl for some personal ski time.  Late in the afternoon an upper mountain lift (don't remember the name) opened, granting access to wide open, if a little vertically challenged, terrain covered in velvety smooth, wind buffed pow.  Later, we shifted locations on the mountain to session out the rest of the day in Sugar Bowl's playful rock gardens.

This fell during dinner! 

When it was time to leave Truckee we were a little sad.  We'd been treated so well there (thanks again Matt and Lindy for making Trucky the coziest stop we could possibly hope for) that we definitely though about quitting the tour and moving in.  Luckily, we had another tempting destination: Kirkwood. The somewhat isolated Kirkwood Meadows beckoned us like a cop car beckons a snowball.  So, a little apprehensive, we pitched, struck our mark, and got away with three demos and some freeskiing with bluebird conditions, and even a little new snow overnight.

Dropping in to "once is enough" at Kirkwood Meadows

We're now in Portland, OR, Rudy's town, enjoying the amenities of the city.  At the moment Rudy is putting a fresh tune on the fleet, so anyone planning to visit us at Hoodoo this weekend is in for fast fresh boards.  Hopefully it's snowing up there, 'cause it's raining down here.  Guess that's nothing out of the ordinary though...