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Update: DemoTour (Nuking, Puking, Dumping)

All the aforementioned verbs, and others like them, apply to the current weather conditions in Truckee, CA.  This is where The Elkhorn Lodge currently sits, amidst feet of snow.  We steamed in from Salt Lake, crusied the strip in Reno for a hot second, then made our way up the hill to Truckee.  Finally the faucet has turned on.  I hope the snow is falling elswere in the country.  You can definatly stop worrying about the Tahoe area, their gonna be fully stocked up on white stuff for the foreseeable future.

For those lucky enough to be in this area, come on over to Alpine Medows on Friday and Saturday and have your mind blown by a pair of wailers or lotuses.  After that, the enlightenment will continue at Squaw on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Nuking, Puking, Dumping...

-Parker Ellenburg