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Update: DemoTour

With little snow in the central rockies, there’s been precious little to write about.  However, it seems high time for an update from the road.  Despite the relative lack of snow, there’s been no shortage of fun to be had.  Let’s see here, last update was from Colorado just before heading to Ut.  That’s embarrassing considering Colorado was about a month ago.

Well, since then we’ve rolled a lot of miles.  Rudi’s sampled many a hot wing, and I’ve been learning to convert beer calories into brain food, thus keeping my mind sharp in the cold, and seemingly vegetable-free north.

Since last update demos have taken place in Utah, Wyoming, and Bozman.  If you’re looking for a snow report for the Salt Lake area, all I can say is thank goodness for the cassiars, as things have been firm and fast for going on three weeks now.  As for Jackson, though their season started off a bit dry, the new year delivered 10+ inches.  Things on the south side of the Tetons were even better.  Targhee received their usual 25% extra snowfall bonus on top of what Jackson got.  I guess it pays to be on the windward side of the Tetons.   As luck would have it, we were able to take advantage of the snow at both areas, not to mention Teton Pass.  


Sunset on the Tetons

We showed up a few days after a 14” storm passed over Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, and Moonlight Basin.  Though we were a tad late for fresh tracks, the Slushman lift opened at Bridger the day of our arrival. 


GreyBird but good conditions otherwise

If you haven’t hit Bridger Bowl, get there.  There is fast access to some seriously impressive terrain, and plenty of friendly locals to alternately get you into and out of all the trouble you can handle.  Ben Nobel lead the way down a narrow, bony straitline that may have resulted in a few base hits to our demo fleet.  Luckily, Round Top sports, who kindly hosted the dps demo, fixed our skis up so well I couldn’t even find were the repairs had been done.  Ben got me in to trouble, Round Top got me out.  Like I said, friendly locals.


Sussing it out

Just after that, the clouds over Big Sky and Moolight Basin lifted and we were treated to a few days of warming sunshine.  Nothing beats sitting in the sun at the Moonlight base area.  Jenny, their culinary specialist, even baked us cookies!  That was one comfy spot to demo.  And if we weren’t busy being pampered, I would have gladly gone and checked out a bit of the positively expansive, above treeline terrain they have.  Moonlight occupies the more northerly aspects of the same mountain as Big Sky, and what a mountain.  Though I didn’t get a chance to ski there, the vista is inspiring. 


Base area of Moonlight Basin

By the time we were at Big Sky, between the sunny days and cold nights, things had firmed up a bit, but there was still plenty of stoke.  Apparently there are numerous stashes as many 'a local returned after demoing the lotuses with smiles on their faces that I don’t think came from skiing groomers on fully rockered skis.

 On the lift at Targhee

I’m riding solo for the time being.  Rudi has absconded to Canada to meet up with buddies for an annual ski trip.  After dropping him at the bus station in Butte, Mt. I've pointed myself towards Ogden, and the comforts of the Turner residence.  I’ll be in Salt lake yet again for tour stops at Deer Valley, and Alta.  Keep your eyes peeled for the Red Baron and the Elkhorn Lodge, and shout out if you see me.  Oh, and do a snow dance or something...             PSE