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Update: DemoTour

The start of DemoTour 09/10 was like being shot out of a cannon; only it took days to load the powder, find the cannonballs, and light the fues.  But, finaly, we did achive blast off and now we're flying.  Loveland, Steamboat, Aspen and Monarch were a blur of smiling faces.  We're finding that people really can't help but smile after riding dps skis for free.

Cat skiing stoke!

We just finished up the weekend in Crested Butte.  Most mornings started off below zero, but the cold couldn't stop us from setting up -or anybody els from demoning the skis.  Ski patroll was consistently opening new terrain providing enough soft snow to warrent some hard charging on the lotus 120's and 138's.  At the same time, temperatures kept the groomers fast and firm.  The whole dps fleet, cassiars wailers and lotuses, got a chance to shine in their own ideal conditions.

-16 in Crested Butte

Utah lays in the distance, and we're pointed in that direction.  Anybody there interested in getting out on some dps boards?

Rudy wants to know if anybody will watch Monday night football with him.  Parker wants to know if anyone wants to do anything but watch Monday night football.  Track us down and let us know either way.

the road ahead


Special thanks to Daniell, Mike and Robin for looking out for us while in CB.                                      -Parker Ellenburg