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Things we have broken and lost

  1. plastic air-vent
  2. plastic air-vent, again
  3. plastic air-vent, yet again
  4. two Ford F-350 transmissions
  5. two Canon battery chargers
  6. two radios
  7. one harness
  8. one Ford F-350 windshield
  9. 800 Rev right front suspension including the much discussed flying nun.
  10. one Yamaha pod
  11. one Arctic Cat 900 choke
  12. four ski poles
  13. four flat tires(one truck, three trailer)
  14. one Toyota clutch
  15. one tool box.
  16. one injured leg assaulted by the spanish inquisition snowmobile ski rack
  17. one Ford spare tire cable
  18. one fuel additive mixing beaker
  19. eleven bungee straps
  20. one billet aluminum fuel can holder
  21. one grease filter
  22. four padlocks
  23. one lens cleaning cloth
  24. my wallet and keys, everyday
  25. one i-pod
  26. one electric heater
  27. one Alaskan Camper heater
  28. two keys broke in locks
  29. one light fixture, a basic hazard while chopping wood in the kitchen
  30. one 77mm UV filter
  31. one Canon  camera battery
  32. one Ford F-350 gas cap
  33. three sets of gloves
  34. the contents of Oskar's stomach during breakfast on April 21st.
  35. two bottles of wine broken in a bag full of clothes.
  36. two Alaskan Camper venetian blinds
  37. one DVD player
  38. one grease processing pressure gauge.
  39. one cell phone and charger
  40. one generator cover
  41. one Ford hood fairing
  42. one 800 Rev throttle heating cable
  43. two glass mixing bowls
  44. three drinking glasses
  45. two pairs of sun glasses
  46. one aluminium snowmobile ski rack
  47. two plastic trailer ramp cleats
  48. the Haines House toliet
  49. the Haines House water supply
  50. one 800 Rev front bumper
  51. one Arctic Cat 900 front bumper
  52. one tire chain
  53. one helmet
  54. heaps of snowmobile body work
  55. one point five Toyota half-shafts
  56. one Alaskan Camper hydraulic shaft coupler
  57. one pillow
  58. one down comforter
  59. 59 water pipes of The Alaskan Camper
  60. one Ford F-350 battery
  61. the coveted 10mm open end wrench and socket
  62. one Ford F-350 power point
  63. one Ford F-350 rear window latch
  64. one 20 gallon grease storage container
  65. one pair of shoes
  66. innumerable lighters
  67. one flashlight
  68. two headlamps
  69. one Ford F-350 cruise control
  70. one Ford F-350 emergency brake
  71. one Yamaha Apex ignition key
  72. one Dalbello Krypton ski boot shell
  73. one Arctic Cat 900 fuel filter  
  74. 36 orange golf balls
  75. one broken nose