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The Launch of the Wailer 99 and Nina 99

Salt Lake City, UT, (November 10, 2011) – DPS Skis, the world’s only pure carbon fiber sandwich ski manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of the new Wailer 99 (121/99/111; 168cm, 176cm, 184cm, 190cm) and Nina 99 (121/99/111; 168cm, 176cm)  (the latter is the women’s version of the Wailer 99, in glacier blue). They are both 2012/13 products, available to order now in both Pure and Hybrid constructions, and shipping the first week of December 2011. Limited quantities exist due to the in-season release. This is an exciting launch for DPS. Much like the award-winning Wailer 112RP, we expect similar greatness out of the Wailer 99 and Nina 99. They are special skis, and make our quiver even more loaded. Below you’ll find an overview of the skis, product video, and ordering information. Introducing the Wailer 99 and Nina 99 [caption id="attachment_513" align="aligncenter" width="492" caption="The 2011-12 Wailer 99"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_507" align="aligncenter" width="507" caption="The 2011-12 Nina 99"][/caption] The Wailer 99/Nina 99 is the Daily Driver, redefined. The Wailer 99/Nina 99 is set to become the new standard for all-mountain/all-condition shapes. Based on the award-winning Wailer 112RP platform, the Wailer 99 exhibits similar versatility in a narrower package. The Wailer 99/Nina 99 utilizes the Wailer 112's 3-D PaddleTech Geometry™—DPS’ original blend of rocker and variable sidecut. PaddleTech Geometry™ allows the skier to engage the Wailer 99/Nina 99 's slightly cambered 18m underfoot turn radius while charging g-loaded carves on harder snow. When the snow becomes mixed or soft, the skier draws on the gradually rockered paddle sections of the tip and tail to access longer, variable turn radii, slarves, and off-edge control. The Wailer 99/Nina 99 gives you the best of on-edge and off-edge performance, and the ability to get creative in the most versatile 100mm underfoot package ever designed. There are limited quantities of these models. They will sell out quickly. After sellout, the Wailer 99 and Nina 99 won’t be available until summer pre-order 2012. You can purchase the Wailer 99 and Nina 99 on, or through participating DPS dealers. Both models will not ship until the first week of December.