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The Red Lotus Series

The biggest storms of the year are on their way, and we are down to only a few Red Lotus 120's and Lotus 138's.

Both of these shapes are the leaders in their respective classes: the most refined and highest performing powder skis made on earth.

We have changed Rocker lines on both shapes for this year. The Lotus 120 (link to page) amped up its low speed planing ability with a nice shovel addition, and the Lotus 138(link to page) represents a completely new profile- Rocker III. These shapes evolve every year directly from three months of Alaskan powder surfing, and the feedback goes right back into the molds. It's a totally different approach than the large production run shaping on today's generic rocker skis, and the customer feedback we have gotten on both shapes confirms the designs and carbon's amazing fit to floaty, powerful skis.

Both skis weigh roughly the same as a 170cm long, 90mm underfoot ski with a conventional build- think about that for a second- yet they have more power reactivity and energy than a world cup race ski.

We only have few of each left for this season, so scoop up these rare thoroughbreds and take your skiing to that next level before the season passes.