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The Johnson Snowmachine Wit Contest

As is often the case, travel typically brings pleasant surprises. If you pass through Twin Lakes, Colorado on Highway 82 not too far from Leadville, there sits an old Johnson Skee-Horse that I'm quite positive has not seen better days. She rests in full glory. I'm not sure which is older in this case, the cart or the mule, but in the spirit of whimsical beauty, I invite all to submit their best 'one-to-three liner' displaying infinite wit to compliment the picture, i.e. a cartoon caption. The DPS staff will strain, toil, argue, cajole, and debate for the best caption, and after 30 days (starting Oct. 8, 2009) we'll announce a winner, publish their caption, and send the razor sharp tongue a DPS T-Shirt and other swag for the effort. Send entries to:

HWY 82 Snowmachine