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The End of the Cycle

Word is we went from one of our worst winters on record to a slightly above average snowpack during this last system and with another 1-2' forecast for the next few days things are really looking up. If you're thinking of coming up here try and time it with the DPS Riders Weekend February 20th and 21st. We'll have discounted tickets and hotels in the Village, a bunch of DPS demo's, and a crew of skiers. Check out DPS's facebook page for more info.

A tweaked knee and a busy work schedule kept me from skiing any big lines on our few days of high pressure last week, but here are a few shots from the end of our last storm cycle:

Hiking around 7:15am and the storm finally cleared up high:

We still managed to find a ton of untracked snow. Here's a short sequence of a deep right turn:

Which loaded me up for an airplane turn off of a (very) small pillow:

Which set me up to go back in for more:

Thanks again to Patrick Nelson for the photos. Hopefully we'll see some of you up here later this month!