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The DPS Old Guard

The DPS Old Guard is a customer loyalty program that DPS started in the 2005-06 season. In DPS' early years, as the complexities of Pure construction skis were developed, customers endured longer than expected waiting periods for skis. Despite some inherent frustrations, many of DPS' earliest customers proved to be the most loyal, as they sensed either from trial, word of mouth, or philosophy that waiting for DPS skis was worth it. These customers were dubbed the Old Guard, namely for their intense loyalty. The majority of these early customers remain devout DPS customers to this day. Every year, we reward the Old Guard, now defined as those who have purchased a DPS ski either from DPS directly, or a dealer, with special incentives. The summer Dreamtime Preorder event, is one such example; the Old Guard gets early purchasing rights. Today, as DPS' production has become seamless and as more skiers experience the benefits of DPS' ski construction and shaping, we have continued the Old Guard program, and will continue to nurture it in the years to come.