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The DPS Catalog, 2013-14=

We’re proud to announce the release of the DPS Catalog, 2013-14. The DPS Catalog is a centerpiece at DPS. In it we share the choicest photography from last season’s storm riding missions, and the latest developments in engineering and design. The result is the 2013-14 DPS Quiver, the most advanced line-up in the world. Catalog highlights include: In January 2013 we opened a state-of-the-art factory on the Wasatch Front in Utah. Benefits abound: We’ve employed twenty area workers, R+D capabilities have expanded infinitely, and exciting innovations continue to emerge. For example, the iconic Spoon was the first ski produced, and the technology from it has been incorporated in the new Lotus 120 and Lotus 138 designs. Also new for 2013-14 we’ve evolved our Pure Carbon+Nano construction into what we call Pure3, delivering an even damper and smoother ride to the world’s only prepreg carbon sandwich construction. Also inside the pages you'll find a tribute to Rob Liberman, our fallen DPS partner, Surfing Pow, an essay on the art and aesthetic of surfing powder by DPS Founder, Stephan Drake, and the 2013-14 Soft Goods lineup. You'll also experience photography from Oskar Enander, and the emergence of two new DPS Koalas, Olof Larsson and Piers Solomon, names you'll be hearing a lot more from. We’d like to remind you that Dreamtime runs July 16 to August 1. Dreamtime is an annual mainstay at DPS, and is the shrewdest time to assemble your perfect quiver, while indulging in heat-induced daydreams of cold smoke. In the meantime, enjoy the DPS Catalog.