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Teton Tested Gear Guide

Last winter, media juggernauts Teton Gravity Research (TGR) conducted their first official hard goods test, dubbed the Teton Tested Review. Incorporating video and multimedia content, TGR recently launched their results highlighting the DPS SpoonWailer RPC, andNina 99. Here’s a few lines of what they had to say, for full write-ups visit the Teton Tested Review. Wailer RPC: “This ski is for the big mountain skier who wants a lightweight package that tours well.  It’s great for charging and hitting cliffs and steeps.  I was surprised at how fast it got edge-to-edge for a ski of its design.” Spoon: “The DPS Spoon craves the deepest days.  With a sophisticated design, this powder ski ensures you can focus on laying down turns and going deep.” Nina 99: “The Nina’s performance is more aligned with that of a Porsche.”