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Sushi Tour: Vancouver

Originally, Tobias Liljeroth and I were supposed to be in Whistler for magazine shoot before having Mark and Stephan pick us up before heading up to Alaska. With Mark and Stephan delayed in Utah, Toby, myself, and a Scotsman named Mike headed down to Vancouver, B.C. to wait for the pick-up in a more cosmopolitan environment.

Vancouver became a sushi and beer tour.

After checking into a hosted downtown, we had our first sushi sensation at a place right around the corner- 24 pieces for me- that place scored pretty high.

The culinary tour continued when Mike, who had been to Vancouver a few times before, aimed to take us to an old American-style diner. After treading the payment for two days, and barely surviving on Sushi breakfasts, lunches and dinners, we finally found the diner, The Templeton. Sure enough, it was located right across the street from our hostel.

What now has become one of my favorite diners was a good hangout while waiting for the two missing Americans. Incredible burgers, steaks, pies, and beer with the coolest staff in town. Thanks Jessica and Danielle! If it wasn't for Danielle, Scottish Mike wouldn't have joined the Powder Road caravan up to AK.

When the guys arrived, I said farewell to Vancouver with a 32 piece Sushi for breakfast feast- (the whole order was 34 pieces, but I couldn't get it done).