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Summer Pre-Order Rumblings


We’re writing to inform you that DPS Skis will have a Summer 2011 Pre-Order event starting in June.

We fully expect the pre-order allotment to sell out. If you are keen on pre-ordering 11/12 DPS skis this summer we encourage you to complete our simple waiting list form now.

One substantial change to the summer pre-order model: skis will ship within 10 business days of ordering. Last year, DPS sold out of skis to the general public by the end of October—highlighting the importance of the summer pre-order.

DPS Summer Pre-Order Basics: 

  • This pre-order event allows you to order the DPS skis of your choice and ensure that you get them before they are sold out.
  • There will be two pre-order periods: one in June and one in July.
  • The June pre-order will be for the Wailer 112RP Pure construction only, all sizes: 168, 178, 184, 190cm.
  • The July pre-order will be for all other Pure and Hybrid construction models.
  • Specific details on the DPS Summer Pre-order will become public towards the end of May.
  • All pre-order skis will ship within 10 business days after ordering.
  • A limited run of special edition graphics will be available, no custom colors will be offered. 
  • Specific questions regarding ski fitting can be addressed to:


To ensure that you get the skis you want in the pre-order event, we’d be grateful if you completed our simple waiting list form. This will give us a better sense of volume, and also allow you to get in the queue.

The waiting list is a non-binding, no money down form.  You can access it here.

If you have already filled it out, there is no need to repeat the process.

Again, we will otherwise update you on the pre-order sale towards the end of May.

Best Regards,

The DPS Crew