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Ski Injury Article from the NY Times

If you've been skiing for years and years, then eventually some form of injury may strike, on resort or in the backcountry. One notable exception to this, and as a historical point of a name not mentioned enough, is the legendary skier Scot Schmidt, who in all of his years of charging big lines on skinny skis never managed to sustain a broken bone or torn ligament. Quite a feat if you look back at some of the old Greg Stump films. Anyway, I digress. There's an article in today's New York Times that details a study done on ski injuries and probabilities of how and when they are most likely to occur. Often times it's the most absurd stuff, like a nice slow, twisting fall. Do you know what that typically spells? ACL, bra. Check out the article. It's likely not going to alter any of your habits, nor necessarily should it, but it's good to be armed with ski trivia (and the like) the next time you chat some attractive member of the opposite sex, sporting a knee brace, by the fire...