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Dreamtime 2020: August 3-18

With reduced pricing, it’s the best time of year to purchase the world’s most advanced skis.

With the summer heat beating down, now’s the time to help us celebrate our 15th anniversary by switching your focus and allowing ruminations of swirling cold smoke to permeate your thoughts. Dedicated skiers, the worldover, have historically taken advantage of this event to add the perfect tool to their quiver, in anticipation of exhilarating turns to come. 

Dreamtime 2020 marks the introduction of our new, award-winning, Pagoda Piste and Pagoda Tour constructions, event-exclusive 15th Anniversary Cold Smoke Special Edition Alchemist skis, and a limited-run creation from the Powderworks division. Additionally, during this short window prices on our inline 2020/21 and Special Edition skis are reduced by $200, and all accessories – including apparel, PHANTOM, and our new skins and poles – are reduced by 15%. 

The 15th Anniversary Cold Smoke Special Editions.

Special Edition skis are released once per year exclusively at Dreamtime. They are small-batch, limited edition ‘artwork’ creations made in the Salt Lake City, Utah DPS factory, and are never reproduced again. Prized by those craving something truly rare and exotic, interested skiers are strongly encouraged to contact a DPS ski fitter before Dreamtime commences so that they can act decisively, as SEs commonly sellout. The 2020 Special Edition skis are available in the following Alchemist models:
• Alchemist Wailer/Yvette 112 RP - 158cm, 168cm, 178cm, 184cm, 189cm
• Alchemist Wailer/Yvette 100 RP - 153cm, 163cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm, 189cm

2020 Special Editions

The Powderworks 115 RPC.

Powderworks skis are limited, serialized volumes of small batch, uniquely designed and hand-constructed skis made in the Salt Lake City, Utah DPS factory. These cutting-edge creations represent a window into our most progressive R+D efforts and exploratory thoughts. It’s where advanced cores, laminates, rockers, and shapes are previewed – then brought to life.

The history of the cult classic RPC began with the playful and surfy platform of the Wailer 112 RP. We modified the popular 112 shape to create the RPC; a 115mm-waisted ski with a 18m radius that is designed to excel in the fall line. It is the ideal tool for the charging directional skier that wants to put less emphasis on the RP’s nimbleness and float, and focus on stability and strength in crud. To transform the 112 RP into the RPC, DPS engineers did the following:
1) Extended the sidecut radius from 15m to 18m. 

2) Decreased tip and tail height for consistent high-speed crud busting power. 

3) Refined the flex profile to prioritize support and stability.

Because of these design changes, the Powderworks RPC allows you to enjoy a bell to bell powder day on one ski; when the snow goes from untracked bliss to heavy, chopped up crud you’ll still be happily blasting through it all on the same ski.

In time-honored DPS tradition, this Powderworks edition of the RPC features a sneak-peek into construction improvements that result in a unique combination of both improved damping and power. Additionally, our team’s learnings over the past five years have led to a more forward recommended mounting point, which allows the ski to be enjoyed by a greater variety of ski styles. Available in two lengths:
186cm (140mm/115mm/125mm)
192cm (142mm/115mm/127mm)

Powderworks RPC 2020

Enter Pagoda. 

Experience engineered art; skiing’s finest constructions. 

Years of obsessive search have brought us to this important doorway.

In 2005, DPS introduced the world's first carbon fiber sandwich ski. In the 15 years since, we’ve obsessed over tuning carbon fiber to create the perfect ski that, in-turn, produces the perfect apex moment. 

Carbon has always enjoyed numerous advantages over its fiberglass and metal ski counterparts, namely a superior combination of light weight and power. Its weakness has always been damping, achieving a quiet ride at high speeds and on hard snow is carbon’s kryptonite. For well over a decade, we have experimented tirelessly with a myriad of solutions to solve the damping equation. Now we enter a new dimension together: enter Pagoda. 

Pagoda is a monumental breakthrough in carbon ski construction. It delivers a truly unprecedented level of damping without sacrificing the efficiently lightweight, electric power, and edge grip for which carbon has long been known. The result is an entirely higher floor of positive sensations and performance pleasure. 

Pagoda Piste: hard and mixed snow conditions are easily tamed with our all-new method of integrating core, sidewall, and laminates into one cohesive element that optimizes overall performance.

Fabricated with two hardwood species of disparate densities and grain orientations, along with innovative new sidewall technology, our R+D team engineered an inventive new method of horizontally combining these elements to produce a supremely damp and stable platform. With 15 years of learnings to draw upon, we created a momentous breakthrough in on-snow feel that combines both excitement and liveliness, with simultaneous dampness and control. High-speed carbon ski technology is here.

New for 2020/21, our freshly launched front-side oriented collection takes center stage during Dreamtime. The Pagoda Piste collection is as follows:
• 90 RP - 152cm, 157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm
• 94 C2 - 157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 178cm, 185cm
• 100 C2 - 157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm, 189cm

Pagoda Tour: experience a level of downhill performance that has never been available in a ski this lightweight. 

The key to Pagoda Tour’s performance is both in the choice of materials and how they are layered. By mating DPS’ proprietary new carbon laminate with a combination of ash and paulownia woods, and a purpose-built aerospace grade foam – that features incredible physical properties at minimal weight – a special alchemy emerges. The result is a distinct combination of power, energy, and damping that rivals front-side oriented skis at classic touring weights.


Freshly minted for 2020/21, our new line of backcountry-specific skis are now available in the following models:
• 87 C2 - 157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 178cm
• 94 C2 - 157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 178cm, 185cm
• 100 RP - 153cm, 163cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm
• 106 C2 - 155cm, 163cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm
• 112 RP - 158cm, 168cm, 178cm, 184cm

Free Binding Mounting with Skis + Binding Purchase.

Total convenience. Shop skis and bindings on dpsskis.com during Dreamtime, and DPS will ship your new skis mounted. We only stock bindings that we use and endorse – our custom ski fitters can help you choose the ideal binding for your chosen ski.

Save 15% on Accessories During Dreamtime.

Shopping DPS apparel and accessories during Dreamtime makes sense. From on-snow items like PHANTOM, poles, and skins, to après-oriented t-shirts and hats, the DPS store is the only place globally that carries all DPS merchandise.

Complimentary Worldwide Shipping on All Purchases Over $50.

Whether investing in a completely new ski setup or buying a kit of PHANTOM Permanent Waxless Glide for a late summer application, we are happy to cover your shipping costs no matter where you are located globally.

Receive a Custom Ski Fit Over the Phone or by Video Chat.

DPS ski fitters understand our products better than anyone, and are standing by to fit you over the phone. Have confidence, they can get you on the right boards for your precise needs. Please contact us at +1.801.413.1737, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM MDT.

How to Place a Dreamtime Order?

During the event, skis can be purchased from DPS' network of participating dealers, direct from DPS on dpsskis.com, or by calling +1.801.413.1737 Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM MDT.

We encourage you to mark your calendar and stay tuned for previews to come on dpsskis.com and on DPS Instagram. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to connect with our veteran ski fitters to get precise recommendations, so that you can act decisively once Dreamtime starts – and before inventory sells out. Our ski fitters are standing by to help via phone (+1.801.413.1737, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM MD) or email (info@dpsskis.com).