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Shop Dreamtime Apparel and Accessories

With free shipping on all ski orders to the U.S. and EU during Dreamtime, shopping for DPS apparel and accessories makes sense. From larger items like the Rolling Quiver Ski Bag, to newly arrived t-shirts and beanies, the DPS store is the only place globally that carries all DPS merchandise. Rolling Quiver Ski Bag The DPS DreamPow T-Shirt is one of three new organic cotton t-shirt arrivals this summer. It gives a proper nod to Protect Our Winters (POW) and the 2015 Special Edition skis. There’s a dynamic skier on the front, and a small POW logo centered on the upper back. Two other arrivals not to be missed: AK T-Shirt and Familia T-Shirt. All three tees are made of 100 percent organic cotton, cut just right, and are absurdly comfortable. Shop DPS T-Shirts… DreamPow Blog Support Three new beanies arrive to the DPS store for Dreamtime: Stevedore Beanie, Tyson’s Beanie, and the Haines Pom. The Stevedore is 100 percent merino wool with a sewn leather patch. It’s class al the way. Tyson’s Beanie is a lighter-weight alternative, capable of four-season duty. Lastly, the Haines Pom is a sweet fitting and feeling versatile pom that gives a nod to DPS’ spiritual home, AK. Shop DPS Beanies… Hat Blog Support It’s a smart time to shop bindings in the DPS store. We only stock bindings that we use and that complements our quiver shapes and specialized ski constructions (Pure3, T2, Hybrid, Tour1). Our expert ski fitters can provide you precise binding and ski fittings simultaneously. And one step further: during Dreamtime bindings purchased with skis are eligible for free binding mounting, meaning your bindings are shipped mounted just needing a DIN adjustment at your local shop before riding. Easy. Shop All Bindings… BINDINGS BLOG SUPPORT Contact DPS' ski fitters today, to dial you in for a customized ski fitting so that you are ready for either Dreamtime or the upcoming 2015/16 season. Dreamtime - banner2