September Production Update – dpsskisstore
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September Production Update

Greetings from Shenzhen where DPS production is now ramping up to full speed. Things look good, the little carbon-born glitches that have plagued us in the past are smoothed over and skis are running smoothly with a steady daily output. Right now the new Wailer 105, 188cm is running. It's quite a bit stiffer version of last year's board, designed as high speed mixed snow slayer. It's going to be the ultimate competition type ski or everyday soft snow resort ski for hard chargers...ultra burly in flex, yet more powerful and still lighter than anything else out there- exciting.

There are a vast array of shapes, flexes and sizes to run over the next couple of months, but if everything stays on schedule, we are looking to be done with everything my mid November, which means all reservations holders will have their skis before opening day. It's the earliest we have ever been able to deliver, and it's exciting.

That said, if you want DPS boards in your hands early season, please make your reservation as early as possible. Spots fill up. Last season, people were left empty handed and forced to ski on fiberglass skis! Don't let it happen to you in 07/08.