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Select DPS Hybrids Soon in Stock

Select DPS Hybrid construction skis will soon become available thanks to a special production run. This pertains to Hybrid Wailer 112RP’s and Hybrid Lotus 120’s.

The anticipated shipping date from our warehouse to customers is on/before January 12th, 2011. If you placed a Hybrid or Pure order prior to December 8th, your skis will arrive before January 1. 

If you would like to order Hybrid construction skis, we recommend that you do so now before this new production run sells out. We anticipate high demand.

You may shop for and buy DPS Hybrid skis now (Note: the before mentioned shipping date applies, if you order today your skis will not ship until on/before January 12th, 2011).

For those waiting for Pure skis to become available, we will let you know if and when they do become available this season. It is possible a small quantity of Pure skis may become available in January, though this special production run is still unconfirmed. A simple waiting list has been created for Pure skis and it can be accessed here.


The DPS Crew