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Select 11/12 Models Sold Out

Last year, DPS sold out of all skis by November 30th, 2010. This year, DPS dramatically increased ski production to account for continued heavy demand. With heavy sales in the summer and fall, many skis are either temporarily or permanently sold out until the 2012 Summer Pre-Order event. Below you will find a continually updated inventory. Note: Because a model is sold on doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find it at one of DPS' retail partners. We encourage you to contact dealers in your region directly. If the ski (s) you want is sold out for the season on, and also at DPS retail partners, please complete our non-binding waiting list. We will alert you when your desired ski (s) is available. Available to Ship Within 48 Hours:
  • Cassiar 80SL, 166cm
  • Cassiar 80, 178cm
  • Wailer 99 Pure, 184cm
  • Wailer 99 Hybrid, 168cm, 176cm, 184cm
  • Nina 99 Hybrid, 176cm
  • Wailer 105 Hybrid, 178cm
  • Wailer 112RP Hybrid, 168cm, 178cm
  • Yvette Hybrid 168cm, 178cm
  • Lotus 120 Hybrid, 178cm, 184cm
  • Lotus 138 Pure, 192cm (Wayward Blue, only) and 202cm
  • Lotus 138 Hybrid, 182cm, 192cm
Sold Out For the Season:
  • Wailer 99 Pure, all sizes (184cm is available)
  • Nina 99 Pure, all sizes
  • Nina 99 Hybrid, 168cm
  • Wailer 105 Pure, all sizes
  • Wailer 112RP Pure, all sizes
  • Wailer 112RP Hybrid, 184 and 190cm
  • Yvette 112RP Pure, all sizes
  • Lotus 120Hybrid, 190cm
  • Lotus 120 Pure, all sizes
This list will continually be updated as inventory changes.