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Sanctuary in the Adventure Awards Film Tour

We are pleased to announce that Sanctuary has been selected by the Adventure Awards Film Tour 2105. Screenings will be held across Europe in March, at some of the following venues: European Freeride Festival, King of Dolomites, M'Over Freeride Days,  Madesimo Freeride Festival, as well as an inclusion in The Adventure Awards Days this summer in Livigno, Italy. Sanctuary is the first of four films in DPS Cinematic's inaugural year, where four films were produced in association with Outdoor Research and Gore-Tex.  Sanctuary features the DPS Koalas as they immerse into the same mystique that has drawn us south for years. Zack GiffinSanti Guzman, Olof Larsson, and Piers Solomon left their summer haunts dropping everything with hopes of surfing summer powder high in the Andes. Their aspirations got sidelined upon arrival at Valle Nevado, as the Chilean landscape resembled dry Mars more than the powder-laden alpine landscape they dreamed of. However, things changed quickly when the condors began drafting thermal winds signaling the arrival of a Santa Rosa storm cycle that made August 2014 a special time to be in Chile.