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Revisiting The Powder Road

For those of you considering a clever holiday gift under $40.00 (hardcover $36, softcover $26) for that special someone who just so happens to have an insatiable addiction to skiing powder, then let me recommend what surely will stand as a seminal and timeless tome in the annals of skiing lore, The Powder Road, recently featured in the NY Times. Published in 2005, this stunning 8 x 10 inch, 220-page coffee table book, documents in color and black and white photography, a trip of four friends from Colorado to Alaska. The book is aided by the fact that two of the before mentioned friends are elite photographers, Oskar Enander and Mark Smith, and all powerful skiers. One 'friend' DPS founder, Stephan Drake, goes along for the ride and contributed most the text, as does Oregon-based ski patroller, Gavin Cummings. The book is not exclusively focused on the four ruffians, but features an artistic array of the characters and places encountered along the way, on this 3,000 mile expedition. Part road trip, part soulful journey into the soul of the sport, The Powder Road makes a wonderful gift. You can purchase your copy today in the DPS Store. 

powder road cover

The Powder Road (2005, teaser for the book) from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.