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Powtime: March 1-April 1, 2015

Powtime: March 1, 2015-April 1, 2015 In the Northern Hemisphere, February, March, and April are the prime months for major storms. Statistically, it’s high time for the American West, Alaska, and Europe. As we enter the heart of this season, now is the time to expand your quiver and update your powder shapes to truly immerse yourself in those precious days that can be worth an entire season and will replay in your mind for a lifetime. graph With the arrival of the most snowfall, nurturing your quiver to ensure that you have the precise tools for the deepest days is essential. The DPS Lotus family, and the three skis within it, the SpoonLotus 138 Spoon, and the Lotus 120 Spoon, offer three distinct options for deep snow. The Lotus family represents the most evolved powder tools available anywhere. PowTime2015_blogBody_Lotus And for more variable terrain, the Wailer family’s 112RPC and the 112RP, offer more cross-over versus the deep snow specific tools of the Lotus family. PowTime2015_blogBody_wailerFamily Powtime offers special incentives exclusively on the award-winning Pure3 line.  This is a special spring season annual event.  Powtime allows you to dial-in your quiver for late-season storms, or the run-up to the Southern Hemisphere season, taking advantage of this unique offering on our flagship Pure3 line. To learn more visit the DPS Ski Finder page powtime2015-blogBody_1 DPS Custom Ski Fitting and Service: +1.801.413.1737 // info@dpsskis.com A directory of over 250 DPS dealers worldwide can be found here. And don't forget to watch DPS Cinematic's four short films for 14/15 in The Shadow Campaign series for Powtime inspiration. PowTime2015_footer