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Post to Facebook, Win Swag & Skis

Want to win free DPS swag and potentially a new pair of DPS boards for your quiver? Every month from now through the end of the season we’ll be giving away prizes for the most liked pics and video on the DPS Fan page.  At the end of the season the person with the most liked item will win a pair of DPS Hybrid skis. 

How to enter:

1.)   Take a picture or video of some DPS Skis.  It could be a picture of you shredding pow, drooling over skis in a ski shop or a shot of you unboxing your brand new skis.

2.)   Upload your artwork to the DPS Skis Facebook page.  To add pics to the page click the upload icons in the Share box on the wall.

3.)   Tell your friends to give your shots a thumbs up.  Each month the shot that gets the most thumbs up will win some swag.

4.)   In April we’ll award a fresh pair of DPS Hybrid skis to the person with the most liked picture or video.

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