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On Snow Wailer 112RP Review

Have a gander at an in-depth on-snow review of the DPS Wailer 112RP by Blister Gear Review's Jonathan Ellsworth. 

A brief excerpt:

Basically, in assessing these skis, the primary questions for me were: when do these skis fail to do what I want them to do? When would a different ski clearly perform better, make the conditions more fun?

Over two days, I straightlined, made big turns, small turns, skied some trees, skied lots of ice bumps and slush bumps, even snuck a few laps down a freestyle moguls course that had been built up for a Bumps Camp at A-Basin. (Please don’t mention this to the idiot camp coach who told me that I would never be able to make it down the course on those water skis.) All I can say is that the 112RPs versatility, stability, and fun factor are off the charts.