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North Shore

Our weather in Jackson is having a bit of an identity crisis right now. We were forecasted to get 2+ feet early last week but we got about half of that in the form of grauple. Which wasn't really all that bad since that grauple skied extremely well and made for excellent conditions for a few days. Then it got warm. Then it got windy. Then it finally cleared and we made a mad dash for the North Shore to see if there was any leftover pow. There wasn't any. 

Well that's not entirely true, but for the most part the conditions were a bit variable last Thursday out on the North Shore. Windpack, mank, pow, and crust were all found, but with TGR and Strom Show filming and a solid group of local skiers and pros it made for one of my favorite days of the season. After a "fun" first line with a 20 footer to unexpected hardpack I headed further down the ridge and shot some POV of my next line here:
(thanks to Patrick Nelson for the photos)