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Meet the Lotus 124 Powderworks Edition

Meet the Lotus 124 Pure3, Powderworks EditionAvailable at Dreamtime July 15-August 1. Ships worldwide October 1. Initial Lengths: 185cm, 178cm Dimensions: 151/124/133 Radius: 23M Construction: Proprietary Pure3, Spooned. 1. TOPSHEET We have been immersed deep in the R+D lab over the past few months. The hunt for ski perfection has begun anew: this time at more elemental levels as we search for axiomatic relationships between shape and flex pattern. The first Powderworks ski to emerge from those efforts is a Lotus concept that combines new geometric discoveries with a quest for ultimate versatility in a 120mm pow shape. We have drawn positive cues from all across the current quiver: effective edge geometry drawn from the Wailer 105, paddle and rocker from the Wailer 112RP, boot-to-overall length balance of the original Lotus 120, and a new sidecut/taper angle combined with a radically new flex pattern. 2. LotusBlogSupportImg2 The design results in a balanced ski that elegantly walks the tightrope between a deeply rockered/paddle design and a directional, flat-tailed driven design. We are aiming for the best of both worlds in a 120mm Spooned class powder stick that will be able to perform double duty in mixed snow. 3. LotusBlogSupportImg With the Powderworks Lotus 124, you are skiing the cutting edge of our exploratory thoughts – a novel new platform on the hunt for everyday powder shape perfection – enjoy The Powderworks Lotus 124 debuts fresh for purchase at Dreamtime July 15-August 1. Shipping for the Lotus 124 will be October 1, 2015, and all other Dreamtime orders September 1, 2015. Contact a DPS ski fitter today to be prepared for the pending launch, and stay abreast on or the DPS Facebook Page. Powderworks L124 Tech-blog View the 2015/16 DPS Catalog here to take a deep dive into DPS products and culture. About DPS Powderworks  Each year Powderworks releases a special batch of uniquely designed and constructed skis. Thus far, we’ve brewed Powderworks editions of the Lotus 120, Lotus 138, and for 2015/16, an all-new creation joins the family, the Lotus 124. The Lotus 124 represents the first new model/shape to debut under the Powderworks wing that will likely see a future mainstream release. Powderworks Lotus shapes are mated with ultra-light cores and increased dampening components compared to Pure3 builds for a further differentiated space-age ride. The result is incredibly light, tourable pow sticks built to charge and absorb mixed snow when needed. These are factory hot-boxed limited edition pairs. While their standard Pure3 versions are completely unrivaled in their respective classes in terms of the power-to-weight ratio, Powderworks editions up the ante offering skiers the chance to buy future developments now. Learn more... Dreamtime - banner2