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Let the Travels along the Powder Road Begin Anew

Well folks, it's a been awhile since the dream flame has flickered in the dark night of industry and commerce, but she's about to burn again.
After a tough a seven months in the bowels of ski production, it's time to ride again.
In subsequent posts, i will back a track a bit and tell some of the stories that led to this year's trip.
I am writing to you from our small outpost in Alaska where we are gearing up for the "Fourth Year is a Charm" exploration into arguably the best skiing on planet earth. We are hear early to get the cold snow in the trees, the pillows, the silence, the low light.
This year marks the first time that the crew hasn't driven up from the lower forty-eight, and it's a nice thing.
Yesterday I flew in with a great little local crew of Haines residents, including our MC, Bruce Bauer. The little Cherokee Six was filled to the brim with ski bags (including some plush new Lotus 138's with Rocker III), and supplies.
Up the Lynn Canal with the Chilkats in full bloom:

The wind was ripping on the water and the temperatures were just above 0 degrees F.