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Launching into the 09/10 Season

The 09/10 season welcomes exciting developments at DPS; have a gander at some of the latest happenings for the upcoming season, from the new Hybrid line to a season-long road demo tour...


+Hybrid Line Launches to Compliment Pure Line


You've probably seen or heard us promoting the launch of our new Hybrid line to compliment our 4-year old elite/staple Pure line (Pure: Carbon +Nano). The Hybrid Line (Hybrid: Fiberglass + Carbon+ Bamboo), is offered in an identical quiver as the Pure Line (same shapes and lengths), but with a different material core. The addition of the Hybrid line brings exciting possibilities for both the consumer and for a new global distribution initiative. Learn more about the Hybrid launch here: [DPS Launched Hybrid Line].


+Season-Long Demo Tour in the Works


We've been plotting a season-long demo tour for sometime now, and this year it finally looks like a possibility. In the war room we've plotted a  3-month road trip, stopping at 40+ ski resorts and towns, giving new and old customers alike great opportunities to try all shapes, sizes and flexes from the Pure and Hybrid quivers. A multimedia travel blog will accompany the tour and capture the essence of life on the road, from ski town to ski town.


+A New High-End Retailer Presence


You'll begin to find a small and select global high-end retailer network carrying DPS skis. We continue to advocate the factory-direct online model for sales. We're great at fitting skis over the phone or email, and have been doing so for four years now. However, an expansion into select retail stores brings additional reach that will benefit all. New dealers will be added to our online list as they emerge. Stay tuned for a dealer in your area or resort town...

+Ski Shows, Trade Shows, Road Show


Time to log some frequent flier miles. As we make a careful push into select high-end outdoor retailers and expand our global reach, we'll find ourselves in 09/10 at the SIA ski show in Denver, the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, and ISPO in Munich, Germany to name a few. The DPS brand has continued to grow, as has its popularity, and we're keeping pace with demand. 


+New Website


We've unveiled our first website re-launch since company inception in 2005. We were due after four years. On the new site, you'll find easier navigation, enhanced product spotlights, video features, social networking integration, a jacked-up multimedia blog presence, and plenty of other refinements that will hopefully make your experience at not just great for shopping, but also a place where we hope you'll check in for creative, entertaining content on a regular basis. Feel free to drop as a line with any feedback, positive or negative, on the new site launch. We''re here to cater to your needs.  


We look forward to an exciting 09/10 season, and are committed to providing you the finest skis around, and a stimulating experience online. 


The DPS Crew