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Italy's once in a decade season

While we are currently engulfed in #Powtime, sometimes it can be hard to remember where you began. Like the long journey of a snowflake, dancing and floating its way to an ever growing snowpack, the road to fruition can be sidetracked by gusts of wind leading you off-course.  Such was the case this winter in Engelberg (CH) DPS' home away from home. The early months of winter proved to be horrible for powder skiing in Engelberg, and two of the DPS Koalas - Piers Solomon and Olof Larsson - along with photographer Oskar Enander became discouraged. It was time for a road trip. The European Alps, can hold vastly different snow conditions as you cross between the sub-ranges and countries. Leaving some of the most horrible conditions ever experienced in Engelberg the crew drove four hours to Gressoney and Monte Rosa, Italy where they met with Italian guide and DPS Italian sales rep Matteo Calcamuggi. According the Matteo, "Gressoney and Monte Rosa was the place to be in this strange season, where in the all first part of winter, nobody received fresh pow but only concrete and solid hardpack to ski... The crew discovered a new place full of magic pillow lines and big mountain riding. It was like in 2008-2009 , the season we called "Dragon season..." Below is the video highlighting their journey: Powtime is happening—With the Baker storm as reminder, #Powtime is ongoing on and participating dealers: get fitted with deep snow pow tools to ensure you’re ready for the deepest part of the season. All deep snow skis ordered on will receive a free copy of Powder Road and a DPS Factory Cap.