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Introducing the Hybrid Line, New for 09/10

Introducing the DPS Hybrids 

2009 marks a new era for DPS. We have introduced a new construction called Hybrid: Fiberglass+ Carbon+ Bamboo that complements our Pure: Carbon+ Nano build. It is now available in every shape in the DPS quiver.  

We realized that the time was ripe to launch a Hybrid construction line that would incorporate DPS's shaping heritage, carbon roots, and flex design with a more standard construction. We couldn't just build a standard fiberglass ski though. We have upped the ante by taking taking the industry standard fiberglass construction and adding two beefy carbon stringers, boosted the core with bamboo, added urethane dampening, and maintained the fastest, hardest graphite bases made.

Last season we mated the Hybrid construction with Lotus 120's, Lotus 138's, and Wailer 105's. We have refined the flex patterns and the Hybrid line is ready to roll with a time tested, bomber construction and immaculate finishing. They are designed to exceed the highest performance offerings from other brands, while still accessible at great prices that allow you to build out your quiver. The Hybrid: Fiberglass+Carbon+Bamboo line is the ultimate value construction with thoroughbred roots. 

Learn more about the new Hybrid: Fiberglass+Carbon+Bamboo construction in the ski construction section.