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Introducing: The DPS Quiver Bag

If you’re not sporting a G6, traveling long-distances in the winter to mountains can be a hassle. Throw-in the stress of trying to make baggage weight cut-off and fitting all your gear into one or two bags, and you start to feel part Greco Roman wrestler, part boy scout, part Sherpa. Maybe it’s perversely fun for some, but most would be stoked to morph past the grunt work; get on the mountain and ride deep pow. ski-bag-1 The new DPS Quiver Bag ($230) will help make your next storm-chasing trip a little easier. We designed this roller with a quiver mentality, so that it can comfortably haul three pairs with extra room for other gear crammed in—from touring equipment to your running shoes. It’s meant to be stuffed, loaded, and abused. Made from heavy-duty weather-resistant 900D polyester, we’ve added extra reinforcement and puncture protection in the common areas of abuse; particularly around the wheels where most curb rash and ground contact occurs. Heavy-duty urethane wheels will help it over cobble stone streets and rutted roads. Other features include: dual side handles, three exterior pockets, a Velcro locking handle on the dual strap, a waterproof inner ski chamber, business card slot, easy-synching thread buckles, and more. ski-bag-2 So, if you’re quiver is a one-ski with a daily driver like the Wailer 99, or if you’re loaded across the spectrum up to a Lotus 120, 138, or Spoon—the Quiver Bag will serve you nicely on your next mission. It may even make a nice bench or pillow for that rock hard airport ground eight-hour layover. The DPS Quiver Bag is available on, and at select DPS retail partners around the globe. Shop for one today. Weight and dimensions: 13 pounds; Length: 197cm, Width: 37cm, Height: 20cm