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Help Stop the SkiLink

This summer DPS’ home in the Wasatch range has been the focus of a clash between environmental advocates and corporate development as proponents for the SkiLink pursue their agenda. Initiated in 2011, the SkiLink is a gondola proposal by Talisker (a private Canadian based development company that operates Canyons Resort) that would connect Canyons and Solitude ski resorts. However, the proposed development garnered significant political attention when Republican Members of the Utah Delegation filed the Wasatch Range Recreation Access Enhancement Act in both the House (H.R. 3452) and Senate (S.1883); a bill mandating the sale of 30 acres of public lands to Canyons Resort. If passed, Talisker would be allowed to build the SkiLink, while at the same time circumnavigating the environmental regulatory authority of the US Forest Service. It would provide Talisker and Canyons Resort a piece of watershed lands protected under a 1934 law without any local public process. DPS, and its employees, have noticed these proceedings and extend our support to Save Our Canyons – a local nonprofit ‘dedicated to protecting the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch canyons, mountains, and foothills.’ Recently, Save Our Canyons launched a petition through petitioning The US Senate to stop the SkiLink and oppose H.R. 3452 and S.1883. DPS has signed this petition and encourages like-minded individuals to do the same. A ski company is only as strong as its community of skiers and natural environment. As skiers we need healthy ecosystems, snow, and mountains. Without these things skiing would simply not exist. We strongly encourage you to help sustain our local natural surroundings by supporting Save Our Canyons contra SkiLink. Sign The Petition HERE. For more information regarding the SkiLink please visit: Save Our Canyons.