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Flat Light, Big Vert

In a review of the first Powder Road, circa 2005, one critic wrote something to the effect of, and I am paraphrasing here, "Drake's trip of a lifetime, in search of the best snow on earth, often feels like an extended trip to the hardware store." 

Well that's what we have been up to folks. It's really tough to operate here, and this year, we have been plagued by mechanical woes in the first month. I suppose we are veterans of mishaps though. The last two nights have been spent in Whitehorse Yukon waiting for an oil tank to be welded on LuLu, and an electrical problem to be diagnosed on Don Chico.  Regardless, we managed to get up on the hill the day before we left. 
Oskar snapped this image of me on the first run- just before the light completely closed out. The new 138's are changing the game.