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first shots..

Our faithful readers have been asking, "so where's the skiing?" To be perfectly frank, there hasn't been much to this point, but it's now started. We have had more technical shenanigans coupled with a trip to the Yukon to deal with, and those will be addressed in the subsequent posts.

In the meantime, let's show some evidence of sliding on snow.

Yesterday, Mark and I toured on the pass. The wind was dead silent. The Northern sun moved at a low azimuth on the horizon. It bathed a South face at tree line in a warm glowing light. The temperature was perfect. It was a magical day with a few short runs, and good turns in medium density pow.

The skis were riding well. I had a pair of the new 192cm 138's mounted with Salomon 916's. The balance point and rocker confirguration on these skis is something special, and evolved. Add the carbon power, and it's light years ahead; we are super excited to get them on big terrain in the coming weeks.

Here's a higher res version