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DPS Women's Yvette Earns Highest Honors

Both Skiing Magazine in the States and Norway’s leading ski magazine Fri Flyt have awarded the DPS Yvette 112RP.2 ‘Best in Test’, the top designation in the women’s category for 2015/16 skis. DPS also makes its ‘brother’ ski in the Wailer 112RP.2. Fri Flyt’s test is one of the most demanding in the world, for conditions, ability, and criteria. In the end Fri Flyt said, “overall, a clear winner in this test.” Women raved over the Yvette, said Fri Flyt, “We almost didn’t get this ski back from testers—most of them just wanted to keep skiing it.” Skiing Magazine proclaimed, the Yvette was able to “soak up terrain quickly and quietly,” the Yvette was celebrated for its outstanding power and versatility overall. READ ABOUT THE BUILD PHILOSOPHY AND DESING OF ALL DPS WOMEN'S SKIS Fri Flyt tested the Pure3 construction version, DPS’ flagship prepreg carbon layup, with sizing in 158cm, 168cm, and 178cm. Pure3 construction brings the ultimate combination of power, precision, and light weight. Skiers on the Yvette or Wailer 112RP.2 save valuable energy, while enjoying its award-winning shaping and performance, with outstanding torsional stiffness, playfulness, and versatility. With its prepreg carbon construction, the Pure3 build also maintains nearly identical pop and feel as it does into years of ownership, as it does on day one. “It's experienced as light and easy to turn, at the same time it's stabile and has a great float in powder.”  Fri Flyt lauded the Yvette’s technology, “A lot of sidecut is the most characteristic for this ski in carbon fiber from DPS. The ski has almost as long taper as rocker, there is a lot span in the ''contact surface''. Relatively stiff in the tail, softer in the nose. This is the tests lightest ski compared to the ski's ''area/mass''. Pure3 Construction DPS Yvette 112RP.2 158cm, 168cm, 178cm. Color: Pink DPS Wailer 112RP.2 168cm, 178cm,184cm,190cm. Color: Tribeca Yellow Tour1 Construction DPS Wailer 112RP.2 168cm, 178cm, 184cm. Color: Yellow. Learn more at Fri Flyt. Shop over 300 DPS dealers worldwide, representing the world's finest shops. Fill out a DPS SKI Finder, or shop DPS online.