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DPS Wins Best in Show

The 2012 trade show season garnered two awards for the DPS Spoon, a ski set to launch in the 12/13 season. The first was an ISPO Award Nomination for the most innovative new ski. The second, a 'Best in Show' award from Gear Junkie, highlighting the 'Greatest Gear of 2012'. In Gear Junkie's words:
DPS Skis, based in Salt Lake City, dubs the Spoon ski as the “most powerful and revolutionary powder ski ever built.” Its fat, wide, and convex shape adds float in powder, more speed, and greater control in the deep white stuff, the company says. The “cleats,” which are downward-facing bumps in the ski base, give grip to the ski design in non-powder situations, company founder Stephan Drake told GearJunkie. (If there were no cleats, Drake noted, the ski would slide out from beneath you “wildly and dangerously” in anything but deep powder snow.) DPS will launch the Spoon in 2012 at a sky high price between $1,400 and $1,700 a pair.