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DPS Wailer 99 Tour1 – Backcountry Magazine Editor’s Choice

We’re proud to announce that the Wailer 99 Tour1 received an Editor’s Choice from Backcountry Magazine. Testers called the Wailer 99 Tour1 “a true backcountry ski, and a versatile, touring-focused option featuring DPS’ lightest construction yet.” One tester emphasized, “this ski is the fountain of youth—they make everything feel easy; turn initiation is effortless. I would equate the Wailer to my Subaru, the all-terrain vehicle, a true one-ski quiver.” Tour1 is DPS’ fourth construction lay-up, and a targeted lightweight backcountry build that emphasizes fast ascents and class-leading downhill performance. In addition to the Wailer 99, the Wailer 112RP2 & Cassiar 95 - also available in DPS’ Tour1 layup, both received Backcountry Magazine’s Gear Guide Select Awards for 2016—validating all three Tour1 models. The Wailer 112RP2 Tour1 was labeled “one of the best of the test,” for powder touring while others claimed the Cassiar 95, “the best of the DPS Tour1 edition.” For the full reviews pick up a copy of Backcountry Magazine’s 2016 Gear Guide or visit backcountrymagazine.com.