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DPS Wailer 99 – Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice

Backpacker Magazine recently named DPS’ Wailer 99 Editor’s Choice for 2013. Awarded for its versatility, the editors for Backpacker tested an initial group of gear at Copper Mountain, Colorado, then brought their finalists on a yurt trip deep within the Montana backcountry—where they selected the winners for their Editor’s Choice November Issue (currently on newsstands). Backpacker noted, “when 90 percent of our test crew argues over who gets to ride a certain ski, we know we’ve found excellence,” saying the 99 is the “all-around play machine, our top prize for versatility, durability, tourability, and chargeability both in-bounds and in the backcountry.” The Wailer 99 Editor’s Choice Award from Backpacker joins a list of several top honors DPS has received for 2013. DPS’ Lotus 120 Spoon has won Outside Magazine’s coveted ‘Gear of the Year’ Award and Backcountry Magazine’s ‘Best In Test’ and other DPS models have earned several awards from Skiing, Freeskier, Powder, and other publications abroad. With the launch of DPS’ Pure3 Construction and Spoon Technology—including a variety of new ski models, and the birth of DPS’ Utah factory, 2013-14 DPS skis can be found at the world’s best dealers and available for immediate shipping on dpsskis.com.