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DPS Dreamtime Preorder 12/13

  Mark your calendar: the DPS 12/13 Dreamtime Preorder event is scheduled to start in the middle of July. Dreamtime Preorder 12/13 from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.   Summer is a skier’s season to dream. It’s also the season of DPS’ birth: the ideas that drive the brand were nurtured while hunkered down in large storms and on pow-chasing missions in South America. Summer is also the time when skiers wallow in heat, and work hard to save enough money to take the next season off to travel and ski. For some, it’s the time to dream of your perfect quiver, and indulge in heat-induced daydreams of cold smoke. Dreamtime Preorder is beneficial in four ways: 1. Secure the ski (s) you want before in-season sellout. 2. Utilize the exclusive, once per year discount on skis. 3. Choose Special Edition graphics. 4. Get priority purchase on the Limited Edition Wailer 112RPC. The Details:
  • You may also order/pick-up your skis through participating dealers during the Dreamtime Preorder.
  • Skis purchased will ship within 25 business days of your order.
  • The Spoon will not be available during Dreamtime Preorder. Information for ordering the Spoon will come in Winter 2012.
  • Preorder discount is: $150 USD off Pure construction skis. $100 USD discount off Hybrid construction skis.
  • Shipping to Europe is $70 USD per pair of skis ordered, marked down from $160 USD. Orders of three skis or more, receive free shipping worldwide.
  • If you order a pair of skis and purchase bindings, you will earn free shipping (USA and Canada only).
  • Special Edition skis are available in Pure construction only, not Hybrid.
For two consecutive years, most DPS skis have sold out by mid-November. Pure Carbon + Nano construction skis utilize the finest materials and take three times as long to build as conventional skis. With high demand and limited capacity, ordering during the Dreamtime Preorder is always recommended. We will keep you updated in the lead-up to Dreamtime Preorder. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask: +1.801.413.1737 ext. 1 or na@dpsskis.com We thank you for your commitment to DPS, and hope that your season was filled with deep powder and good times in the mountains. Best, The DPS Crew