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DPS Spoon reviewed by WildSnow.com

Louie Dawson from Wildsnow.com spent the 2014-15 winter chasing powder - from Japan to Alaska on the DPS Spoon. With fall just around the corner and rumors of a big El Nino season to come, take a deep dive into one of the most talked about powder skis ever created. Dawson explains that, “the Spoons’ performance in deep pow is incredible. They’re surfier and floatier than anything else I’ve skied…and live up to the considerable hype. They are a sports car; not ideal for everyday conditions, but they sure are fun to drive! For a powder specific backcountry ski, especially one that will be used for occasional skinning, they are hard to beat.” To read the full review, click here. Learn more at dpsskis.com, or at any of our more than 250 retail partners worldwide.