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DPS Spoon FAQs

We've assembled a list of DPS Spoon FAQ's to help answer many of the questions that surround this mind-blowing ski: What is it meant for? The Spoon is designed as a radical deep powder shape that facilitates high speed planing and slarving (a combination of carving and sliding). The goal is to walk the fine line between a ski endowed with the ability to surf perpendicularly down the fall line, yet is still able to track with precision across the fall line in deep snow. The Spoon was designed to explore the boundaries of dynamic, high speed, angulated powder skiing. What’s with those strange looking ‘Cleats’? The Patent Pending ‘Cleats’ are vertical undulations in the otherwise convex edge that endow the ski the ability to grip in harder snow. Basically, the cleats drop the convex edge down to where a normal ski’s edge sits in relation to the snow. Think of the Cleats as bringing the Spoon back to earth (literally and figuratively). If the Cleats weren’t there, it would be impossible to get enough ski angle at low speeds to allow the edges to engage. Cleats provide a bit of grip for mixed snow, sketchy entrances, and run-out's. Can I use the Spoon at the ski resort? The Spoon is a very specialized deep powder tool for touring, snowcat, and heli days. It is not suited for resorts where you find groomers, crud, lift lines, etc. Can I use it in the Park?  No. What kind of skier can ski the Spoon? The spoon is an advanced shape for high level skiers who are already planing and laying down angulated carves in powder. It will feel washy to intermediates and skiers who only know how to skid. If you can load up a ski in pow, and want to experience another dimension of floatation and slarve, get ready to take powder surfing into the next dimension. Can I skin on the Spoon? Yes, the cleats provide enough grip to handle both pow and wind buff skinning. Stephan Drake skinned on the Spoon in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska during the filming of “Concept”. Does the Spoon replace the Lotus 138? No, the Spoon is a very specific ski for top to bottom deep snow. The Lotus 138 is an excellent tool for those conditions as well all as practically all the conditions one would find in the BC. Here’s a quote from Stephan: “On a deep snow trip, I will start packing BOTH a Lotus 138 and a Spoon. The Lotus 138 remains a mind blowing, powerful powder ski and the shape I feel confident on in all types of conditions. The Spoon comes out when I know there is 100 percent top-to-bottom deep conditions. Both shapes exist within the scope of the same travel bag or deep snow quiver.” When will the Spoon be available? As of right now, there are no guarantees as to when it will be released. It could be within the next few months, and it could be within 24 months. We are moving it forward toward production, but there are still challenges to be worked out from a manufacturing perspective given its 3-D geometry. In the interim we have created a non-binding waiting list that will give you priority notification and positioning once the Spoon is public. You can join the Spoon waiting list here.