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DPS on #SmallBizProud by Capital One

Following America’s small business backbone, award-winning director and producer, Trish Dalton, and editor and cinematographer, John Sears, hit the road in an RV from East to West to learn more about what drives business owners in all sectors to transform dreams into reality. The project is called ‘Small Business Proud’ from Capital One’s “I am Small Business Campaign.” Dalton commented, “They say small business is the heartbeat of the American economy, leading the way in job creation, innovation, and, of course, economic development. Small business is about more than numbers. It’s about people.” It’s hard to disagree. For the last decade, DPS has been chasing the dream of building the perfect ski. It’s been a long and demanding, but intensely fruitful road. And critical to our success has been the dedication of workers. With now over 50 DPS employees around the globe, each person’s passion has uniquely shaped DPS’ character—and path. Last week, the traveling duo of Dalton and Sears visited DPS’ headquarters in Salt Lake City. They sat down with DPS founder Stephan Drake, who has chased the vision of innovation in ski materials, engineering, and design since 2002. Drake’s path, like most entrepreneurs, has been laced with ups and downs, but today DPS sits at the forefront of the ski industry. Have a gander at Capital One’s video highlighting DPS and their sit-down with Drake. You can also follow Dalton and Sears’ their travels here. Also, find them on Twitter @CAPITALONESPARK and with hashtag #SmallBizProud.