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DPS Skis 14/15 Award Roundup

As snow blankets mountain ranges around the world, winter is here. With early-season conditions prevalent, now is the perfect time to update and fine-tune your ski quiver to get the most out of the season. From hard snow to the deepest days, the 14/15 DPS quiver represents our most well-rounded and advanced line to date. Media accolades continue to arrive, a testament to the research, design, and engineering that has gone into the line.  Outdoor and ski media have delivered a wealth of awards to DPS this fall. Awards were received for the entire DPS quiver, from the narrowest hard snow shapes in the Cassiar family, to all-mountain swiss-army knives in the Wailer family, to tools for the deepest days in the Lotus family. With three unique DPS constructions available, dedicated skiers can choose the build and shape ideally suited to their skiing style and preferences. Our quiver is the most precise and tailored offering today. The range of media awards from North America to Asia are a strong testament in our continual mission to build the finest boards for those who live and breathe the sport of skiing. Below is a round up of notable 14/15 awards. Shop DPS at dpsskis.com and receive a custom ski fitting, or visit one of nearly three hundred dealers worldwide. Powder The Wailer 112RP2 and Wailer 99 took home Powder’s Skier’s Choice Awards PowderAward2015 “This handy everyday driver could be the focal point of your quiver. It’s light enough to run up mountains as a touring ski. But its prepreg carbon construction around an aspen core gives it the torsional stiffness to hold and edge. The generous rockered shovel tip keeps you on top of the soft stuff. But above all things, this ski likes to turn. Whether they’re tight, long, or loaded slarves, the Wailer 99 is a nimble ski.” Backcountry Magazine BC_awards The Yvette 112RP2 received a 2015 Editor’s Choice from Backcountry Magazine, while the Lotus 120 Spoon received Backcountry Magazine’s Gear Guide Select in addition to the new Cassiar 95. Skiing Magazine Skiing2015_blogHeader The Nina 99, a Testers' Choice, was "love at first turn." While the Yvette 112RP2,Wailer 105 T2, and Cassiar 95 received Skiing Magazine Official Selections.


FreeskierAward-2015The Wailer 105 T2 took home Freeskier's  Editor’s Choice for 2015. Similarly, the Wailer 105 T2was awarded by  Men's Journal Gear Guide by its ability "to carve deep trenches on groomed trails and blast comfortably through chalky, chopped-up-snow." Outside_Yvette_blogHeaderOutside Magazine: The Yvette 112RP2 was noted to have, "a near perfect blend of shapely design, five-point sidecut, and high-performance carbon fiber." The Yvette 112RP2 also was featured in Mountain Magazine and selected for Wildsnow's - Ultimate Ski Quiver. Earlyups Test SessionsWailer 105 T2 and Wailer RPC. Aka Skidor Wailer 105 Hybrid T2 1_DPSskis_Lotus120SpoonLotus 120 Spoon: "Skidan presterar bäst i mjuk snö, rinner över allting, kräver det en stark och beslutsam skidåkare." Bergstolz Lotus 120 Spoon: "Eine waffe in pulver." Ski-alper "Pionieri negli ultimi 10 anni di progettazione di sci e forme, anche Spoon Tecnologia." Wailer 105: "Per Professionisti esigenti." Cassiar 95: "Sobrieta e concretezza." 1_DPSskis_Cassiar95   Ski Magazine France Cassiar 85 T2: "Offre à la fois une prise solide et lisse, la pression progressive et une belle reprise de sortir de la tour." DPS_Cassiar85-T2 Wider - Le Magazine Outdoor Wailer 99: "Original et luxueux." Skieur Cassiar 85 T2: " Un ski très pechu qui veut tourner sur l´angle dans un enthousiasme contagieux, il renvoie aussi fort qu´on lui en donne et fait montre dún tres bon toucher de neige. Nina 99 : "Étonnamment bon sur piste, facile à tourner, la lumière sous le pied, le comportement des fluides." 1_DPSskis_Wailer112RP2 Wailer 112RP2 : "Mutipurpose et dynamique." Skiing Mag Germany Wailer 112RP2: "Der kompletteste Allrounder im ganzen Test-Arsenal" Wailer 105: "Ein Ski für den hochalpinen Raum. Steile Hänge, enge Couloirs und alle Schneeverhältnisse bringen den  Wailer 105 nicht aus der Spur" Lotus 120 Spoon: "Der Lotus120 ein stabiler Freeride-Bolzen"